Non-UK resident clients
Our non-UK resident clients cannot take advantage of the fast track online banking referral service, which is integrated with our company formation system
because the service is only available to UK resident clients. However, you can still try to open UK account and directly approach UK high street banks such as HSBC,
Barclays or Lloyds Bank. If you are resident in the European Economic Area then banking application process should be less problematic than for those clients
who are not.

For those clients who would like to open a non-UK business bank account
for their companies, we can offer introduction to numerous offshore EU
and non-EU banks. Our carefully selected banking partners have excellent
relationship with offshore banks and in majority of cases, it is possible to
open business bank account for a UK company within two weeks remotely
– no need to travel. Please contact us on if
you are interested in this service and one of our consultants will contact you
immediately to discuss available options for your company.

If you purchase our International Company Formation Package, we will be
happy to offer you a generous 10% discount on our offshore banking
introduction service.

Packages and cashback offers for our International Clients
International Package specifically
designed for Non-UK Resident Clients
WorldPay Marchant Account with
£60 - Cashback
Help and advice
We have tried to answer as many common questions as possible on these pages, but if you do require further assistance
or have any other questions then please give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7060 7326 and we will be happy to help.