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What is Companies House Confirmation Statement?

Formerly known as Companies House Annual Return form AR01, the Confirmation Statement is a filing requirement which was introduced on 30 June 2016. Confirmation statement must be submitted once a year in order to verify that information about companies registered at Companies House is accurate and up to date. Simply speaking, It is a snapshot of basic company information. All limited companies must file a Confirmation Statement even if they have never traded. First Confirmation Statement must be filled no later than 1 year and 13 days after incorporation of the company. Following Confirmation Statements are due on an annual basis, however, it is possible to file them more often if necessary.

Confirmation Statement can be completed using the following methods:

  • Online using software filing via company formation agent
  • Online using Companies House WebFiling
  • By post using traditional paper form CS01 which can be found at Companies House website

It is a criminal offense not to file Confirmation Statement on time. If you don’t file the statement on time, your company and its officers may be prosecuted, and the company may also be struck off the Companies House register.


Information required for Confirmation Statement

Companies are required to check and confirm whether the following data registered at Companies House is accurate and up to date:

Company registration number

Company name

Registered office address of the company

Location of the company’s statutory registers

Single alternative inspection location (SAIL)

Information about directors:

  • Full name
  • Former names used for business purposes within the past 20 years
  • residential address
  • Director service address
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Occupation

Information about company secretary

  • Full name
  • Former names
  • Secretary service address

Principal business activities

Names of shareholders Information about shares held by each shareholder such as quantity, class of shares and details of any transfers

Statement of capital

  • What is total number of shares of the company
  • What is aggregate nominal value of those shares
  • What is aggregate amount (if any) unpaid on those shares

It is also necessary to provide the following information for each class of shares:

Particulars of the rights attached to the shares

  • What is total number of shares of that class
  • What is aggregate nominal value of shares of that class

Information about People with Significant Control

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Country, state or area of the UK where the PSC usually lives
  • Service address
  • Usual residential address
  • Date the person became a PSC in relation to the company (for existing companies the 6 April 2016 should be used)
  • Which conditions for being a PSC are met
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