Mail Forwarding
Use our West London Ealing address as your business mailing address and
make the right impression!

Mail Forwarding (Business Address) – £99.99 per annum per one company

Mail forwarding service will be provided from our West London office and is provided in addition to our Registered Office Address Service. It gives the impression that you are trading and have your office in London. All your company business mail will be forwarded to your address for £0.50 per item + postage costs. Minimum £10.00 mail forwarding deposit is required. Parcels will not be automatically forwarded to your address. If we receive a parcel addressed to your company, we will contact you immediately to arrange delivery or collection of the item.

As part of the service we will:
  • forward by post all business mail addressed to your company or scan and send by email for £0.50 per item + postage costs
  • contact you to arrange delivery or collection of parcels
  • make sure that your mail is forwarded every working day as soon as possible

Benefits of purchasing our Mail Forwarding Service:

  • Professional image and prestige
  • Gives the impression of a London trading address
  • Protection of your private address
  • No unwanted mail and visitors at home
  • Prevent identity fraud

Address which you can use for your business correspondence after purchasing the service:

Name of your company
Craven House
40-44 Uxbridge Road
London, W5 2BS

Customer identification requirements

Documents required to purchase Mail Forwarding

– Proof of ID
– Proof of address

Annual renewal cost
  • Mail Forwarding Service (Business Address)
    – £99.99 per annum per one company

    If you do not require this service for another year, then you can cancel it any time before its renewal date. We will contact you one month before the renewal date to check if you still require the service.

How to purchase Mail Forwarding Service

This service can be purchased during the online company formation process.

Frequently asked questions
- What is included in the Mail Forwarding service?
As part of the service we will forward all business mail addressed to your company by post or scan and send by email for £0.50 + postage costs.
- Can Mail Forwarding service be used as Registered Office service as well?
No, the Mail Forwarding service cannot be used as Registered Office Address. If you need a Registered Office Address service, you will have to purchase it separately.
- How often my business mail will be forwarded?
We will forward your mail on a daily basis.
- How much does it cost to renew the service for another year?
Second and subsequent years renewal cost is £99.99 per year.
Help and advice
We have tried to answer as many common questions as possible on these pages, but if you do require further assistance
or have any other questions then please give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7060 7326 and we will be happy to help.